South Shore Valley Western Communities Share in Funding

first_img Six community groups in Annapolis, Kings, Lunenburg and Yarmouth counties will receive more than $35,000 to help make theirfacilities more accessible to seniors and people withdisabilities. The projects include installing automatic dooropeners, wheelchair accessible washrooms and building ramps. The projects are among 19 projects worth a total of $146,000announced today, May 19, by the Nova Scotia government under theCommunity ACCESS-ability program. The program helps communitygroups make public buildings and other facilities more accessiblefor all Nova Scotians. This brings the number of approved projects to almost 200 and thetotal investment to $1.2 million since the program was announcedin May 2000. “These projects are vital for Nova Scotians with disabilities tofully participate in their communities,” said Barry Barnet,Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. “Thecommunity organizations we are supporting are helping to makeNova Scotia a more inclusive society and we are proud to workwith them.” The Kingsport Community Association will be receiving almost$1,100 to build a ramp at the community-owned Kingsport WharfCanteen in Kings County. “A lot of visitors drop by our canteen when they’re touring thisarea, and many of them are elderly or in wheelchairs,” said AlexSinclair of the community association. “A ramp will help themmake the most of their visit to Kingsport.” Installing wheelchair ramps and lifts, accessible washrooms andautomatic doors in community halls, recreational facilities,municipal offices and other locations across the province are thetypes of projects supported by the Community ACCESS-abilityprogram. Under the program, the province contributes $2 for every dollarraised by the project sponsor. Donations of labour and materialscan be included in the sponsor’s share, making it easier formunicipalities and community organizations to raise their portionof the project costs. Following are the projects approved in Annapolis, Kings,Lunenburg and Yarmouth counties: — Port George Recreation Centre, Annapolis Co.: $10,000 (ramp,washroom)– Mahone Bay Centre, Lunenburg Co.: $10,000 (wheelchair lift,auto doors)– Evangel Assembly Hall, Yarmouth: $7,097 (wheelchair lift)– Yarmouth Co. Ground Search and Rescue Team Training Centre andHall, Arcadia: $5,862 (ramp, doorway, washroom)– Bonnie Lea Farm – Pew Baker Centre, Chester: $1,842 (dooropener)– Kingsport Wharf Canteen, Kings Co.: $1,071 (ramp) Guidelines and application forms for potential project sponsorsare available on the website or by calling902-424-7798. SERVICE N.S./MUNICIPAL RELATIONS–South Shore, Valley, WesternCommunities Share in Fundinglast_img read more


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